Environmental policy

SMS Europa’s management is aware of the importance of respect for the environment in the sustainable development of today’s society. For this reason, it has allocated the necessary resources for the implementation of an Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 Standard, integrating environmental protection into its overall management. For this reason, SMS Europa undertakes the following commitments:
  • Contribute to the achievement of sustainable development from an economic, environmental protection and social integration point of view.
  • To make a continuous effort to identify, characterize and minimize the environmental impact derived from our activities and the operation of our facilities, striving for an efficient use of resources.
  • To prevent environmental pollution, implementing the necessary measures to reduce the effects of our activities on the environment and promoting the use of clean energies and the best available techniques to contribute to the protection of the environment.
  • To ensure compliance with environmental protection requirements arising from current legislation, as well as other voluntary requirements that contribute to the aforementioned purposes.
  • To evaluate and manage the risks inherent to environmental management so as to eliminate and/or minimize the impact on compliance with environmental protection requirements derived from the activities we carry out and the operation of our facilities.
  • To raise awareness among SMS Europa staff so that they can consciously and responsibly assume their role in the environmental management of the center, and to promote their training and commitment to the environmental policy, objectives, and obligations deriving therefrom.
In connection with this Policy, the Management of SMS EUROPA makes the following decisions:
  • The defined Environmental Policy will serve as the basis for establishing and reviewing environmental objectives.
  • The achievement of this policy must be carried out with the full integration of all the members of this Company.
  • This Policy will be communicated to all personnel working for SMS EUROPA, through the established communication channels (intranet) and will be available to customers and suppliers, as well as to the public and interested parties upon request (Company website
  • To ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate for the company, it will be reviewed annually, coinciding with the Management Review of the System, taking into account the new demands of the environment, always under the permanent focus of continuous improvement and appropriate to the new organizational structure of SMS Europa.