Quality Policy

As a development of the policy and objectives defined by the Management of GRUPO SMS in reference to the implementation of the quality standard ISO 9001:2015, the General Management of SMS Europa, S.A want to formally express with this declaration, the quality policy and objectives.

The objective of Grupo SMS is to become the technological partner of our clients, satisfying their IT needs by offering them solutions and services that improve their business processes, as well as compliance with legal and current regulations required by our organization.

At Grupo SMS we listen to our customers in order to provide them with the solutions they really need. In this way, the entire organization is involved in achieving the quality of our solutions and services and in ensuring their profitability and competitiveness, striving to spread a culture of continuous improvement of our processes.

We define five elements as part of our organizational DNA(QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY, TRUST, DEDICATION, AND PASSION).

General Objectives

The Quality Policy is part of the Company’s global policy. Through the guidelines defined therein, SMS Europa aims to achieve the following General Objectives:

  • Anticipate our customers’ needs and ensure their full satisfaction with our solutions and services.
  • Increase and consolidate innovation in an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Increase control over all business processes by establishing mandatory metrics.
  • Evaluate and Manage Risks that may impact the achievement of our General Objectives.
  • To achieve the integration and renewal of our company through the use of appropriate management applications, enhancing the operability and productivity of three business areas:
  • Economic and Financial: Optimize economic resources and the transfer of information to management and business units.
  • Operations: Continuously improve the effectiveness of HR and Project/Service management.
  • Commercial: Contribute to the optimization of the processes of the entire sales cycle, from the detection of an opportunity to the management of customer collection.

For such purposes,

Each Grupo SMS employee has the priority task of:

  • To have the flexibility to adapt to our customers’ requirements in a dynamic, changing and competitive environment.
  • Be proactive in the search for and elimination of possible errors in business processes, orienting them towards continuous improvement.
  • Strengthen its technical and management capabilities according to current and future market needs.

Each SMS Group Director or Area Manager has full responsibility for:

  • To have sufficiently trained and motivated personnel, and thus achieve the improvement of processes and their orientation towards customer and staff satisfaction.
  • Transmit and enforce the Quality Policy applicable to their work area and require suppliers to align their processes with the established Quality Policy.
  • Preserve, increase and consolidate innovation and learning in the mastery of management and operational processes in an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Manage personnel by motivating and communicating effectively to improve business processes, customer satisfaction and employee professional standards.
  • Cut all costs that do not affect quality in your area of work and propose savings in any area of the company.

Knowledge of and compliance with the SMS Group’s Quality Policy are strategic objectives of the Company. To this end, it is necessary for each Director, Area Manager and Employee to know, disseminate and make use of all the quality procedures established in the Company in order to achieve the objectives indicated, based on the new dimension of SMS Europa.