Information Security Policy

In response to a new technological environment where the convergence between computing and communications is facilitating a new productivity paradigm for companies, SMS Europa is highly committed to maintaining a competitive service by offering application hosting services in a quality environment, where the development of good security practices is essential to achieve the objectives of confidentiality, integrity, availability and legality of all information managed.

Consequently, SMS Europa defines the following application guidelines to be taken into account within the framework of the Information Security Management System (ISMS):

• Confidentiality: The information processed by SMS Europa will be known only by authorized persons, after identification, at the time and by the means provided.
• Integrity: The information processed by SMS Europa will be complete, accurate and valid, being its content provided by the affected parties without any manipulation.
• Availability: The information processed by SMS Europa will be accessible and usable by authorized and identified users at all times, its own persistence being guaranteed in the event of any foreseen eventuality.
• Authenticity: The information processed by SMS Europa will be checked and confirmed the real identity of the assets and / or actors and / or authorization by the authorizers, as well as the verification of these three issues.
• Traceability: The information processed by SMS Europa will have the property of certifying that the actions of an entity can be attributed exclusively to that entity.
• Legality: SMS EUROPA shall ensure compliance with all applicable laws. And in particular, the regulations in force related to the processing of personal data.

Through this policy, the General Management assumes responsibility for supporting and promoting the establishment of the organizational, technical and control measures necessary to comply with the security guidelines described herein.
Likewise, all the policies and procedures included in the ISMS will be reviewed, approved and promoted by the General Management of SMS Europa, exercising an integral Leadership over the different areas of activity of the company, in order to achieve the business objectives expected by the organization.
This Security Policy shall be maintained, updated and adequate to the organization’s purposes, aligned with the organization’s strategic risk management context. To this end, it shall be reviewed at planned intervals or whenever significant changes occur to ensure that its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness are maintained. A formally defined risk assessment procedure is also defined to manage the risks faced by SMS Europa.

Version: 04.00
Date: February 5, 2024