Service management policy

SMS Europa has always shown its interest in the formalization of processes, both at a technical and management level, since its creation and has progressively incorporated the best practices in Service Management with the adoption of the different aspects of the ITIL methodology.

The organization of SMS Europa as a set of services brings a vision of technology based on customer needs (both internal and external) and on quality and service level commitments.

This approach breaks with the usual practice of organizing IT services as independent units structured in a hierarchical manner. Therefore, its implementation may generate rejection in the organization and must be carefully planned to ensure its success.

As a first step for a correct implementation of IT Service Management in SMS Europa, an IT Service Management policy has been defined, mainly based on the following points: Consistent with the above, SMS EUROPA, defines the following application guidelines to be taken into account within the framework of the Information Security Management System (ISMS):

  1. All activities carried out by SMS Europa for its Customers must be included in the IT services defined in the scope.
  2. The complete list of services should be kept up to date in a service map that should be public and known by all members of the organization. It must also be available to customers of services that do not belong to the organization and to suppliers who in one way or another participate in the provision of services.
  3. A Service Management System (SMS) is defined as part of the Integrated Management System (IMS) based on ITIL practices.
  4. It is SMS Europa’s vocation that the Services included in the Catalog are certified with the ISO 20000 standard as a measure to ratify their correct definition and implementation.
  5. There is a Service Management Plan (SGS05) where all the characteristics inherent to the SGS are defined. It is a public document accessible to all members of the organization.
  6. There is a document SGS01 – Roles and Responsibilities, which defines the roles and responsibilities related to the performance of IT Service Management, from General Management to Process and Service managers.