Transforming Businesses with Advanced Technologies

As a leading multinational company in the world of technology, we are proud to offer cutting-edge solutions in Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In a world driven by innovation, we are committed to guiding our customers into the future, integrating advanced technologies into their processes to enhance their success.

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence solutions, we specialize in two key approaches:

– Predictive Artificial Intelligence:

  • We develop analytical models that use the organization’s own data and that of the relevant environment.
  • We propose solutions that address the complete life cycle of the models, following MLOps standards.
  • From conceptualization to operational monitoring, we ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the models.

– Generative Artificial Intelligence:

  • Using tools such as Gemini and Google’s Vertex AI layer, we customize and evolve fundamental models such as Large Language Models and GenAI.
  • We incorporate access layers, such as chatbots, to improve interaction and responsiveness to specific customer needs.
  • On demand, we use tools such as GPT 3.5/4, Llama and/or Titan to guarantee customized solutions for each customer.

On the automation side, our expertise covers three key areas:

– Management and Governance CoE:

  • We provide advice to establish the management CoE, define RPA flow governance policies, and optimize resources for greater utilization.
  • We prioritize developments and domains of operations with their respective owners.

– Architecture and Deployment:

  • We advise on the discovery of automatable processes and provide architecture solutions and necessary tools.
  • We address deployment challenges for a smooth and successful implementation.

– Adoption and Industrialization:

  • We focus on post-deployment knowledge transfer, guaranteeing independence in the use of the tool.
  • Our specialists offer coaching and mentoring services to ensure effective adoption and industrialization.

In our mission to transform businesses, SMS Europa‘s customized solutions enable customers to achieve new levels of efficiency and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by advanced technologies.

Let’s build the future together! Contact us to explore how we can optimize your processes and enhance your business success.